L’Envoi – Thank You for Listening

Last night was the last episode of Ear Vomit for a little while. After three seasons George and I feel it’s time to give the show a rest. We’d like to thank all our listeners and the people that have called or text or participated in any way – you’ve made the show a joy to put on each week. Well, not quite each week.

If you’d like to hear the show continue you can send an email to the nice people at PBS to prove our show has a listener base that we can bring over to that station. We’ll be applying for a show on PBS over the next few days. Stay tuned to this website to find out how that turns out.

Although we now feel a little fatigued in regards to the radio show, I have a feeling that as we continue to stumble across interesting, abrasive, transgressive and earvomity music, we will be re-invigorated.

Most of all we would like to thank you guys for sticking with the show for as long as you have.


PS. for any listeners of the final episode – we are still in talks to try and organise the giant infinite loop spanning across three separate radio stations, RRR, PBS and SYN. Again, watch this space for more information.