News: Experimental Music Installation Along Melbourne’s Signal Walk

As I walked from Flinders Street Station to Crown Casino where I work at the movie theatre, I was assaulted by a wall of sound. The group of strangers that I happened to have exited the station with all dispersed and tried to flee as quickly as possible, as I stood there and tried to find the source of the noise.

It wounded like faint screaming as if an evil madman had build a torture chamber with really thin walls just under the station. As I investigated I realised there were a number of speakers atop the fence between the Signal Walk and the train tracks leading in to Flinders Street Station. The speakers were placed at regular intervals and tied to the pole at eye level were what seemed to be hand drawn pictures or something a school child would make during arts and crafts. The wails were louder now and it became clear that it sounded more like a number of people in conversation talking over each other. Although I couldn’t make out what they are saying I know they were speaking english.

I walked up a ways until I reached a hand-made plaque containing what I think is an explaination of the noise. I say think because I had trouble making out what was written due to the handwriting. I was running late and thought I’d just find out what it was all about when I got home with a quick google search.
That night I found out nothing. I will include a link to Signal’s website which I suggest you check out as there are many cool things they have planned, but I found very little information.

What I could gather  from the handritter plaque was that a number of school children recorded themselves sining their favorite songs. They changed the lyrics to reflect some hardship they faced in their lives and poured their hearts out. Then all the files were layered over one another so that the actual words became indistinguishable, providing the children with a cathartic release without any of the humiliation or awkwardness that could come with talking the issue out.
Definitely an interesting idea, but I don’t know how close to the mark I am. If any Melbournians know what I am talking about and can shed more light on this experiment, please leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

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