Musical Discovery: Volvox

I’ve had trouble finding out very much information about Volvox, which is a shame as they are one of the most interesting recent discoveries I have made.

Recently I pledged $20 on a Pozible page for the production of a picture disc LP by Justice Yeldham (don’t you worry, we’re getting around to a Musical Discovery post on him). A few days after we were all emailed and told that for financial contributors any of the CDs from the dualpLOVER record label (which Yeldham operates) are just $2! Needless to say I ordered a whole bunch of CDs without any idea of who or what they are. Among them was Volvox’s fantastic “Egg, Pluto, Pup and You” cassette re-release. It is the 3rd part of a conceptual trilogy as the back of the CD tells you. And that’s about all the information you’re likely to get from the CD packaging. The cover looks like a messy cut and paste job of a 4 year old’s doodlings and handwriting practice. It all adds to the charm, of course, and also to the mystique surrounding the band. What little info I could gather was from the dualpLOVER website, to which I have linked below.

As for their sound, I guess it’s like if a tone-deaf industrial robot had schizophrenia, taught himself how to play a bunch of different instrument and tried playing them all at once (sometimes playing none and just using noises) in a stream-of-consciousness effort of self-expression. Imagine a recording of that being played at various speeds and you’ll get close to some of Volvox’s sound. This is a truly unique and great band in the context of Melbourne-based noise and outsider music. It feels improvised and rigorously planned at the same time. That’s how good this album is; it’s so good it made me commit doublethink!

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