News: ‘Pinball Pianola’ to be Unveiled in Sydney, Australia

Lucas Abela, the tirelessly creative Sydney-based experimental musician, is at it again. Fresh from the successful opening of his ‘Vinyl Arcade‘ (we’ll get to that in a future post), he’s gone straight back to work and devised a piano/pinball-machine cross.

Judging from the images it seems like he Brundlefly-ed this thing together using a couple oftelepods. As he eloquently states: This experiment … introduces musical elements into the iconic game of pinball, making sound generation – not scoring – the games’ main objective.

I think Abela is a national treasure whose creative output should be supported and nourished in any way possible. It’s not often we’re presented with such an interesting and unique approach to music, and it’s something we at Ear Vomit absolutely embrace and encourage.

So, if you are a Sydney resident or have the means to get there, please head along and support Australian experimental music. The unveiling of his Pinball Pianolo will be held at 6pm on May 25th, and from 9am on May 26th. You will be able to play! this wicked new instrument. If any readers are going please leave a comment and let us know how it was.