Duck for Cover: Eilert Pilarm

Elvis impersonators are a dime-a-dozen. Imagine what it would take to stand out among the sea of sequin, white and hair. Well, imagine no longer as we bring you: Eilert Pilarm.

Hailing from Sweden and originally Eilert Dahlberg, Pilarm changed his last name presumably so that it would be even harder to pronounce. His unique approach to impersonation was to not look or sound anything like Elvis.

Pilarm self-distributed his first three cassettes of Elvis covers. You could buy them after any of his gigs from the man himself or he’d mail them out to you. Oh, how I’d love to get my hands on an original, they must be going for tens, even hundreds of cents.

When it came time to release his first album he’d already worked up a killer back-catalogue. His first album was called “Greatest Hits”. He went on to release a number of albums and do around 600 live shows.

Pretty impressive for a man who sung this:

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