Duck for Cover: Wing Sings The Carpenters

We’ll probably get to a Musical Discovery post for Wing, but for today I’d like to focus on her face-tearingly awful Carpenters cover album, Wing Sings The Carpenters.

This album is a tour-de-force of utter shit. I’m no Carpenters fan but after listening to this album I stood back in awe of Wing. How the hell did she manage to turn The Carpenters’ naff, bland diarrhea-flavoured dishwater into a screechingly fragile string-turd.

Wing seems to lack a basic understanding of which notes are the correct ones to sing in any given situation. This strains the audience-musician relationship, because we never quite trust in Wing to carry us through the song unscathed. We’ll get battered and bruised but if we soldier on through, by the end we find redemption and catharsis. We will truly know who we are, as we’ve gone through the roughest of hardships.

(I had trouble finding any album tracks on youtube, so hopefully this live version of ‘Close to You’ will suffice. Try and listen to the whole album).

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